RA McDonald, Inc.

- industrial/mechanical design for portable strain-gage scale.

- industrial/mechanical design for machine vision computer.

Photo Acoustic Technology, Inc.

- sub-micron SRB debris mapping detector.

Infinity Systems, Inc.

- planar acoustic transducers.

Hammer-Plane, Inc.

 - blood-gas hypodermic sharps containment device.

Rainbow Images, LLC

- gyro-stabilized motion picture aerial camera system.

Niles Audio, Inc.

- OS Series of outdoor loudspeakers.

- AT series of in-wall loudspeakers.

- DS series of in-ceiling loudspeakers.

coNEXTion Systems, Inc.

- zc series of in-ceiling loudspeakers.

- sonoma series indoor/outdoor loudspeakers.

- zi series of in-wall loudspeakers.

eMagineFactory, LLC.

- Patent # 7,784,957 B2
For a combination solid-state light and loudspeaker system.

- Patent-Pending US 2010/0040254 A1
For a series of five unique mounting methods and a strip-less wire terminator.

- Patent-Pending US 2010/0252703 A1
For a tool-less instant-latch mechanism.